FAQ & Disclaimer
Q: How do I know if a class has been canceled?

A: Cancellations will be posted on FACEBOOK FEED UPDATES "Status" so be sure to ADD this link to your browser/favorites. We do not send out emails, texts msg, or call you...so make sure you add this link. It is the easiest way for us to contact you. You can also subscribe to our updates so that you get these postings in REAL time. You may also message us or call us just please not after class has already began. Thanks.
www.weather.com be sure to check before you come to class. If the weather is questionable and there isn't a post feed showing any cancellations on FACEBOOK please message us by FACEBOOK or email us with your concerns.
Q: Will there be make-up days?

Not unless sent by email or posted on our FACEBOOK business page. Make-up days are according to accommodation and availability of the instructor. No days can be traded or added to participate in a future scheduled bootcamp for bad weather incidents.
Q: What constitutes as a BAD WEATHER DAY or NON-Specified CANCELED CLASS?

A: Policies
  • Below freezing temperatures (defined: 32 degrees and below forecasted 24 hrs prior for the time period class is scheduled)
  • Lightning, hail, tornadoes or hazardous weather conditions.
  • Raining enough that you must use wind shield wipers to drive your vehicle.
  • ICE/ SNOW on the roads and public school is canceled.
  • NON-Specified is when the "Instructor" is sick or has a family emergency and no substitute is available. Make-up days for this will be rescheduled for another day or granted to the members upon request and redeemable for use at a future scheduled boot camp if a rescheduled class isn't available.
Q: How many people attend each class?

A: Attendance varies due to the season, times and location, but you can expect on an average of 15-20 people. We will expect no more than 50 people at each class without limitations.
Q: What if no one else shows up and I am late?

A: We will run a class even if just one person shows and we will expect no more than 50 people at each class. If no one shows for class the instructor will stay on location no more than 20 mins before class is canceled.
Q: What age/gender is required to attend bootcamp and what is the age limit?

A: For ages 18 and up to 65 and for both males and females. Any age over 65 with a medical doctor's consent or verbal approval. Ages 13 to 17 (parent/guardian is required to sign a release form) and for both males and females.
Q: Is there restroom facilities or playgrounds at the locations?
A: There are playgrounds at all of the locations. There are restrooms at the following locations:
  •      The Parks at Town Center-Southlake/Keller
  •      Johnson Road Park-Keller
  •      Willow Creek Park-Saginaw (about 1/4 of a mile from the class location)
  •      City Park-Colleyville
Q: Can I purchase a bootcamp and enroll if it has already started?

A: Yes, if there is enough space available but you cannot make-up any missed days or weeks at another future scheduled bootcamp.
To find out if we have space available please contact us by email customerservice@igetfitbootcamps.com.
Q: If I have any medical conditions can I still attend a bootcamp?

A: Yes, as long as your have your doctor's approval but you are required to sign a waiver and release form as required by all bootcamp members by the first class attended. You can print it as a PDF under Waiver & Release FORM Page on this website. If you are immobile you will not be able to participate. Some exercises are high-impact and require some jumping and knee joint movements. If you have moderate to severe back issues you may not be able to participate. We have no age limits over 13 years but please consider getting consent or approval from your doctor before beginning any fitness program.
Q: If I bought a Discount Voucher DEAL from: GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL or AMAZON LOCAL how do I sign up for bootcamp...what do I need to do and what do I need to know?

1. Your voucher code must be entered into our MINDBODY reservation system for it to be accepted as a promotion code. If you try to sign up for your bootcamp class before 72 hours after your purchase it may not be added to our system yet...please be patient each code has to be manually entered into the system one-by-one. Make sure you have created a CLIENT PROFILE for each person that will be attending bootcamp. If after 72 hours the code is not being accepted please email customerservice@igetfitbootcamps.com with your NAME, LAST NAME and EMAIL your VOUCHER REDEMPTION CODE #...if you purchased a VOUCHER for 2 People you must send the other persons NAME, LAST NAME and EMAIL....also please let us know what start date and location that you want to sign up/enroll.

2. EMAILS will get a response much faster than calling for information. Please read ALL of the FAQ before calling most common questions can be answered by reading the information on this website. Especially the schedule and locations.

3. If your voucher has been redeemed it is because you signed up for a class or your voucher will expire within 30 days and at our discretion we add your voucher to our system to be used within 1 year from the purchase date or unless specified by the promotional offer which otherwise would be subject to forfeiture.
4. If you attend class or not... after you have signed up there is a 24 hour cancellation policy from the original start date. This is only fair to others that are on a waiting list to join the class. You are paying for your reservation spot with your voucher. No refunds will be granted or exchanged. All vouchers are sold at least over 75% off the regular online price. This would be unfair and destroy the business platform which enables us to make promotional DEALS possible. Please be considerate.

5. ALL Voucher DEALS from any of the partners listed above are intended for NEW CLIENTS ONLY! NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY!NO EXCEPTIONS! NO REFUNDS unless you contact the business (ie. Groupon, Living Social, etc.) you bought it from they have their own rules and refund policies which is irrelevant to our policies and procedures.

6. The NUTRITION/ DIET will be delivered by the start date of the bootcamp if this program was included with your deal purchase...you must have an online profile with an email included OPT-IN to receive this special DIET information or any future promotions associated with Get Fit! Bootcamp
7. If you bought a DEAL for 2 people your voucher code will be in our system twice. Each client needs to have their own profile and be registered for class the same way including their own email address. They CANNOT just show up with you. They can do a different start date or bootcamp location than the purchaser. Same rules apply as an individual and for GIFT vouchers.

8. How to ENROLL in a Get Fit! Bootcamp: Booking, reserving and purchasing bootcamps are available. To sign up click on the button below and then when you are redirected to our MINDBODY online reservation site you can browse our scheduled bootcamps. Create a username and password. Then click on the Get Fit! Bootcamp tab then sign up now on which 4 week bootcamp you choose. Enter any promotion codes if applicable. Checkout. You will then get a confirmation email. Upon attending a bootcamp you will sign in on the roster at any of our bootcamp locations.

9. Each 4 week Get Fit! Bootcamp has a start date. When you sign up you may attend ANY classes and ANY location as many times as you want it is "unlimited" most classes run 3x a week at the same location. You may not make-up sessions at a future scheduled 4 week bootcamp period. You may only attend the bootcamp classes scheduled in the consecutive 4 week period from the initial start date that you signed up for. Exclusive Indoor Bootcamp Classes are NOT INCLUDED.

10. 3rd party DEALS are for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY! We send out our own promotions for loyal customers via EMAIL.
We do not honor serial or consecutive GROUPON/ Living Social DEAL purchases.
  • You must bring your own sets of dumbbells 5lb-25lb (2-sets of dumbbells 1st set should be challenging enough to complete no more than 8-10 repetitions on most exercises, 2nd set should be light enough to complete most exercises 15-20 repetitions), jumprope (optional), weighted 4lb/6lb medicine ball (optional), mat, water bottle, and towel.
  • Get Fit! Bootcamp or Personal Fitness with Raven is not responsible for theft, loss, or destruction of property. All belongings are brought to bootcamp at your own risk.
  • Signing a Waiver, Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk is required to attend first Get Fit! Bootcamp class (not required for resigns).
  • Each attendee is required to sign in on the roll sheet prior to the beginning of class.
  • All purchases can not be transferred, refunded, credited, or applied to any new bootcamp.
  • All bootcamp attendees must pre-register and enroll at a primary location bootcamp.
  • Enrollment or any payment will not be accepted on site. Payments must be made online by credit/debit card transactions.
  • You have the option to buy, enroll and reserve any 5 week bootcamp terms that are scheduled if paid in full.
  • Get Fit! Bootcamp is the class/event offered by Personal Fitness with Raven.
  • All sales are final and reservations need to occur at least 1 week prior to bootcamp start date due to limited space and availability. 
  • Photos or videos may be taken at the bootcamp sites during class...the purpose of these are for motivating other members and for adding real time information to our website. If you specifically do not want to be included you must send an email in writing stating your wish to not be included.
  • Weight-loss results are not typical or guaranteed.